The Dancing Hen

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Girls, here is a hen party that is sure to get the girls geared up for a great night. Keep reading to find out how to play The Dancing Hen game.
Does the bride-to-be love to dance? Do the hens have two left feet? Even better! This hen party game is sure to get the hens laughing. To play all you need is a list of some funny dance moves, a playlist and a sense of humour. Simple!
Looking for some hilarious dance moves to try? Here are some of our favourites;
  • Moonwalk
  • The worm
  • Hands up in the air
  • The Sprinkler
  • Stacking the shelf's
  • The running man
  • Shake it like a Polaroid picture
  • Drop it to the floor
  • Toss the dice
  • Shake those hips
  • Irish dancing
  • Freestyle
Now it's time to press play and start shaking those hips! One hen could shout out what dance move the girls have to do as the music starts. Every hen must do the dance move, no cheating now. The host can call out as many different dance moves as she wishes or keeps with the same one per song. The more funny moves, the better.
You might even reminisce on your fun hen party game and throw a few shapes at the wedding. Clear the dance floor and show off your skills girls! This is a great way to get a smile on everyone's face.
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