The Best Sucker

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The Best Sucker is a hilarious hen party game! This is a great drinking game that is sure to get everyone in a great mood before heading out!

What you need:

  • 4 oz baby bottles (one for each hen)
  • Alcohol of choice
  • Water (essential to avoid sore heads)

How to play:

This game is pretty simple to play girls. At the word 'GO', each hen must start to suck the alcohol from the bottle as fast as they can. The hen who finishes their drink first wins. Simple. This can also be played without alcohol if the group would prefer to pace themselves. If not, make sure that you drink a glass of water in between rounds. We always promote safe drinking girls! This game can be played a few times if you wish. Another great idea would be for the winners to battle against each other. Who will become the ultimate sucker?
Reward the winner of the game with a homemade sash that says 'The Best Sucker'. You could also dare the hen to wear this fab sash on the night out. She may get some strange looks but remember it's all in the name of fun!
So try out his game for your next hen party girls.
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