Pass The Sugar Cube

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Pass The Sugar Cube is a hilarious hen party game! Perfect for all ages, this game will have the hens in stitches laughing.
This game is really simple to set up. All you need is a few sugar cubes and spoons. Each guest must hold the spoon by the handle in their mouth. One hen should also be in charge of playing music. Now it's time to play! One guest holds a sugar cube on their spoon and passes it to the next guest without using their hands. They must make sure not Everyone must pass the sugar cube to the person beside them until the music stops. The hen holding the sugar cube when the music stops wins! You could also make it more interesting by making that hen down a shot. Well, it is a hen party after all! Get the host to take pictures and record the game for everyone to look back on the next day. The laughter should cure the hangover ;-)

This is a fantastic hen party game that all guests will love. It is a great addition to a low key hen such as a pyjama party or afternoon tea. Inject some excitement and laughter!
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