Pass The Water Game

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Pass The Water Game has to be one of our favourite hen party games! Get ready to scream and laugh out loud with this hilarious game.
This hen party game is a great idea during a garden party or beach themed hen. If the weather is on your side, even better. Either way, this is a hilarious game that will create some fantastic memories. Simply get the hens to stand in a line and hand them all a paper cup. The person at the top of the line should have a cup filled with water. This person then attempts to pass the water over her head and into the cup of the person behind her. You guessed right, all the hens will be soaking wet. All in the name of fun of course! Get ready to hear some screams as the water missing the cup and lands all over the girls.
Guests should wear comfortable clothes that they don't mind getting wet. Make sure you have a hot whiskey or a strong shot for the girls afterwards. They deserve it! Get ready for the night ahead of or continue the night at home with a tasty dinner and a few drinks. The perfect hen party!
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