Design A Bridal Gown

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Our Design a Bridal Gown game is so much fun and a great filler for the big night. The best thing about this game is it doesn't involve a lot of planning but looks like it did.
Get a small pic of the bride to be and print it out. Cut out just her head and stick it on an A4 sheet of paper or card. Once you have this then draw a body to go with her head. Once you have one of these created you can just photocopy enough for everyone in the group. The aim of the game is for everyone to design a bridal gown on the piece of card. Whether you make it into a joke gown or try your best to make it perfect is up to you.
Once everyone has Designed a Bridal Gown the bride then gets to choose her winner. The winner then gets a small bottle of bubbly or a shot!
If you want to make the game even better add some accessories and materials that the group can stick onto their sketch to make it really come to life! Glitter is a big yes ladies!
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