Beer Quidditch

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Is the bride a Harry Potter fan? Incorporate this into the hen party with a game of Beer Quidditch. This fun game is sure to be a winner, even if you lose.
This classic game always goes down a treat at parties. With the addition of Quidditch, guests are sure to love it! The Quidditch hoops are easy to make using the following items:
  • (Lots of) Ducktape
  • Wire hangers
Bend the hangers into a circle for each hoop and then extra for the leg. Wrap these all over in ducktape and secure to the table. Pick up some plastic cups and ping pong balls in your local supermarket and get ready to play. Fill up ten cups with beer and arrange them in a triangle like you would for normal beer pong. Place the hoops in the centre of the table. Each guest has a turn to throw the ping pong ball through the hoop with the hope of it landing in a cup. If the ball lands in a cup then the other guest must down one beer. If it goes through the hoop and lands in the cup then the guest must down two drinks.
So there you have it girls. Play this hilarious game at your hen party for a night to remember! Or forget....
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