Malteasers Game

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Looking for a simple and fun hen party game? Try the Malteasers Game! After all, who doesn't love chocolate? Laugh (and eat) all the way through with the hens and bride-to-be. Keep reading to find out how....
All you need for this game is a large bag of Malteasers, straws, a bowl and an empty table. Start off by emptying the Malteasers onto the table and gather the hens around. Make sure not to eat any chocolate (just yet!). The aim of the game is to suck up as many Malteasers as you can with the straw and place them in your bowl. Set a timer and allow the girls 30 seconds to get as many Malteasers as they can into the bowl. If they contain their laughter, they just might win! When the timer goes off everyone must stop to count how many they got. Reward the winner with a small gift like a cute mug or apron which you can pick up here. Of course, once the game is finished....tuck in! You cant waste tasty chocolate after all!
So try out this hilarious and delicious hen party game. The perfect way to get warmed up before the rest of the night!
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