Blindfolded Lipstick Challenge

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Looking for a quick and fun game to play at the hen party girls? You have to try the Blindfolded Lipstick Challenge. Get ready for some laughs!
How to play:
This hen party is simple to play. You will need a blindfold and red lipstick for each guest. Put guests in pairs and ask them to sit across from the other hen. One hen places a blindfold over their eyes and attempts to apply lipstick to the other hen. As you can imagine, this is not easy. You will end up with lipstick on your cheek, chin and possible even your forehead. But this adds to the fun girls ;-) The other hen must then place her blindfold on and apply lipstick to the other hen.
When everyone is finished the bride-to-be must walk around and pick a winner. This winner could be the hen that has applied the lipstick the best...or the worst. The 'winner' can be rewarded with a small gift or the loser with a strong shot. The bride decides ;-)
So girls, try out this hilarious hen party game that guests are sure to love!
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