The Model Housewife

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Are you a model housewife? Take the test with this quick and fun hen party - The Model Housewife game. Keep reading to find out how.

What you need:

For this game you will need a few books and the hens will need to be wearing heels on the night. Don't worry girls, we promise this game will be hilarious! Especially after a few drinks!

How to play:

This game is pretty simple to play. Take turns on the 'catwalk' and try and balance one or two books on your head. Easy! Balancing books on your head has been known to improve posture and help models stand up tall as they walk on the runway. Now it's becoming a popular hen party game for how simple and hilarious it is to play. Picture the hens walking around the room in heels and attempting to keep books on their head. Now picture this after a few drinks... You are guaranteed a few laughs!
Reward the hen who has the best balance with a small gift such as chocolates or a mini bottle of champagne!
So try out this fab game for your next hen party girls. A great way to get everyone in a fantastic mood before the night ahead.
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