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Organising a hen party and planning some games for the big night, you should try our This Blows Game! The This Blows Game is so much fun and is super easy to plan.

What you Need;

Paper or Plastic Cups (roughly 10 depending on the group size)
A pack of Balloons (at least 1 or 2 balloons per person)

How to Play;

We love this game because it is so easy to organise but so much fun to play. To start split the group into different teams. Depending on numbers about 5 per team normally works best. Give each player a balloon and lay out 5 cups in front of each team. Ask each of the ladies to blow up their balloon, it doesn't matter how far but the further the better. The aim of the game is for each of the ladies to blow over each of the cups with the air from the balloon. Once each cup in the row is knocked down the next girl can go and so on. The group that has all the ladies finished first wins! It's a little harder then it sounds, believe us!
In case some of the ladies don't have a competitive side give them a little incentive like a free shot or bottle of bubbly for the winning group! This Blows Game can be played anywhere which makes it perfect.
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