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A hen party is a wonderful occasion when loads of craic is had with your closest friends and family. Make things extra special by playing a few super entertaining games to break the ice between people who may not know each other and have a few laughs! The Dress Up Game is a hilarious game is one that you will never forget.
How to Play
  • Gather as many items of clothing you can and place equal amounts into two separate buckets. (The more ridiculous the better! Think feather boas and bras!)
  • Divide your hen party up into two teams and give each team a bucket of clothes.
  • Elect a hen from each team to try and put on as many of the clothing items from the bucket as possible in 2 minutes. The hen that gets on the most items of clothing wins the round! Repeat with the whole team and count up how many clothing items the whole team put on in the end.
Sudden death: in the case of a draw, allow each team to pick a hen to put on all of the clothes in their bucket as fast as they can. Whoever reaches the end of the bucket first wins - and there is no time limit.
This ridiculous game will have you breaking your sides with laughter, and perhaps even breaking a sweat! This wholesome hen party game is perfect for family gatherings and sophisticated parties that take place in the home.
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