The 5 Decades of Marital Underwear

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  • Wrap five pairs of knickers and pass to the hen to be unwrapped one by one
  • For the first tell her it represents the honeymoon period and put a lacy thong inside
  • For the second tell her it represents the second decade of marriage, or the getting comfy period and put a pair of sexy-ish pants inside
  • For the third wrap, a pair of boy shorts and tell her they represent the fourth decade of marriage, or ‘just before the kids’
  • For the fourth tell her is represents the fourth decade, or after the kids, and wrap a frumpy pair of sensible knickers inside
  • For the fifth and final package tell her it represents the fifth and final decade of marriage when she just won't care anymore. Wrap the biggest ugliest pants you can find.
You can buy the 5 pairs of knickers in any department Store in Ireland for less than a ten euro and it's hysterical at the meal.
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